Resident Artists

Angela Claridge

Angela Claridge is an accomplished Sculptor with several years experience and her work has been exhibited in many prestigious exhibitions.

Angela has worked with high profile artists, including Damien Hirst, as well as securing personal commissions with English Heritage where her work has attracted much acclaim and admiration.

Angela is currently living in Cheltenham, and also spends time visiting Scotland where she was born and raised.

Angela’s work truly captures the emotion and movement of her subject, with beautifully dramatic effect. The absolute despair on the face of Angela’s Ophelia in the moments before her death has been dipicted with such skill, the audience cannot help but be moved. She is currently working on a delightful collection of mystical and mythical characters, some of which are exclusive to Enchant & Allure

Angie Latham

Angie’s work is somewhere between enhanced reality and angelic fantasy.

As a successfully published Landscape Photographer and Digital Artist, she uses her own photographs to create unique scenes inspired by the Magic, Legends and Folklore of the British Isles.

Because Angie uses real photographs in her Artwork, she manages to create images far more realistic than just drawing or painting can often achieve. This enables the onlooker to feel as if he or she has entered a real life magic realm.

Angie’s work has appeared in several books, magazines and calendars, and also used for greeting cards.

Enchant & Allure are proud to present her work as greeting cards, mounted prints and various sized box canvasses.

David Griffin

Originally from Derby, David excelled at drawing from a very young age, influenced by his parents who were both working artists. His first memories of painting stem from a fascination with wildlife illustrations and the work of Basil Ede. He recalls dedicating many hours reproducing the intricacies of Basil Ede’s work.

David continued to develop his skills throughout his school years, and gained employment with a local pottery where his talents brought him great acclaim and Royal commissions.

David’s most recent artistic direction inspired him to create a series of pencil works on paper, illustrating the female form with incredibly intricate lacework and detail.

We are delighted to offer his truly beautiful work for sale.

Paul Thomas

Paul’s lifelong interest in drawing developed into a more absorbing pastime once he experimented with paint. He views art, particularly painting, (his principal interest) as a means by which the artist can demonstrate their perspective of the world. It is important for him to paint what he experiences and not to be hampered too much by convention. Paul prefers to see his paintings  evolve as he paints them.

Paul tends towards the impressionistic and evokes suggestion as a means of allowing his imagination and instincts to take over once he starts a painting. He attaches significance to a sense of fun and tongue in cheek humour when choosing his subject matter.

Paul’s work continuously delights, and has a calming and uplifting effect on all that see it. Enchant & Allure are very proud to present his work for sale.

Walter Ogden

Walter has been working with wood all his life, from school he took an apprenticeship in cabinet making, then was drafted into the RAF for two years.  He returned
to cabinet making and worked with wood until he retired at  65.

Walter’s passion for wood has given him an extensive understanding of exotic and home grown woods, which he incorporates into his work. He has specialised in fruit, and wherever possible uses the wood from the specific tree.

One of his unique selling points is the finish on the items that he achieves, but he won’t tell you how he does that!  Walter takes private commissions and distributes his products all over the world, reaching Canada, Australia, New Zealand and who knows where else.